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Rising Trend; loungewear

Hello after a long time :) The subject of this article is effortless elegance, the rising trend of recent times; Lounge wear aka leisurewear.
The active living conditions that push us to live more intensely and fast day by day, of course, brought some changes in the fashion sense.

Fashion is no longer about having to wear stylish but uncomfortable clothes.

On the other hand, the “new normal” lifestyle we are trying to adapt to around the world has brought us closer to this fashion approach. While we are having fun at home, we have to connect to the meeting after 5 minutes. It has become imperative to be prepared for many different situations at the same time; We need to be both stylish and comfortable.

If we work from home, spending the whole day in pajamas may seem like a great idea at first, but we actually see ourselves in mirrors at home all day; pajamas can result in low motivation. To be well-groomed and attentive; a great formula to feel better, to be more energetic and enjoyable. As Japanese editing expert Marie Kondo says in her book*: “Time spent at home is still a valuable part of life. Its value should not change because no one sees us. It makes much more sense to reinforce a positive self-image just because there is no one there to see you.”



“Time spent at home is still a valuable part of life. Its value should not change because no one sees us. It makes much more sense to reinforce a positive self-image just because there is no one there to see you.”

When we are not closed at home due to the pandemic, the biggest need of all of us is to feel comfortable in the days that pass by running from one place to another. When we are outside, we yearn for the comfort and convenience of home.

Right here , "loungewear" , which has put its signature to 2020 strongly, is saving lives by meeting these two needs in a wonderful way. There is a trend in front of us that will make us experience street chic in the comfort of home... ( Here you go to see the capsule of this trend :) )

loungewear 1970

Moreover, this trend is not the first time in history. Since the last century, the loungewear style has always stood out in different ways; From the elegant dressing gowns of the early twentieth century to the silk tops of the '70s or the '90s trend of using underwear as outerwear . Today, there is an approach that brings the loungewear trend to the fore. (For those who are wondering how loungewear has changed from year to year: METMuseum )



So how to apply the Lounge-wear style?

Knitwear top and bottom sets :

Top and bottom knitted pieces of the same colour, pattern and fabric. There is no problem of combination and it carries the elegant elegance of being in a complete integrity. When combined with simple hoop earrings and a chain necklace, it is also a very stylish option for going out to dinner or coffee.

Sweaters and cardigans:

Comfortable, sweet and stylish. Pieces that can be combined in accordance with the environment when worn both at home and outside. Especially cardigans are candidates to be the most important part of sports elegance. Grab your cardigan over a strappy body and okay, you're ready for your zoom meeting! In addition, you can combine suspended body and cardigan sets from the same knitted fabric together at any time to achieve a complete integrity, and you can diversify them by wearing them with other bodysuits whenever you want.

Sports bras:

Sports bras can be easily combined with a biker tights or slouchy trousers to be worn under bras, or with a crop sweatshirt in transitional seasons. It is an ideal combination for both drinking coffee on the weekend and spending time at home.

Modern kimonos:

You can get a very elegant look by pairing a modern kimono with satin dresses with thin straps and join your video meetings this way… It will also be a suitable combination for a stylish meal out.


Here are the loungewear trend concepts that you can easily use :) Hope to see you in the next articles!

Author ; Bilge Çilekar


What did we use in this article?
*Marie Kondo's book; “ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

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* If the last photo is from the link in the article; Taken from the archives of the MET Museum.

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