Yeniden 3x2!

3x2 again!

3 pieces, 2 outfits… 3 models, 2 colors, 2 models, 3 colors.

If you've ever met 3x2, you're already familiar with this rhyme.

As two engineers devoted to fashion ; An idealist and a dreamer, we believed that it was possible to simplify the design by reducing it to numbers, and we created the 3x2 brand in 2020.

3x2 capsule collection

Gizem's interest in colors and fabrics since her childhood, and her passion for creation and design.
Funda's family textile experience and analytical perspective from engineering.

As two friends of almost 20 years, after our long preparation period in the corporate worlds, we set out from Gizem's dream and decided to shape this dream together. We created the 3x2 inside the system but different from the system .

With 3x2, we aimed to make your life easier by offering you, our dear customers, timeless fashion in ready-made combinations that can also be mixed & matched with each other.

In the summer of 2022, we left behind a new turn in the 3x2 journey.

The versatile, innovative, up-to-date but timeless , colorful and elegant 3x2 world that we have created in our dreams is now different, more original and more sensitive to its environment .

With our new business model, the 3x2 brand gives you the privilege of “different from everyone else” with its unique designs and limited number of special sewing products made by local manufacturers . The fabrics used in the products are meticulously selected from “dead-end-stock” fabrics, creating no additional burden on the environment and taking us one step ahead on the road to sustainability . Fabrics that have been produced but have not had the chance to be used are re-valued and transformed.

On the one hand, we aim to contribute to both our domestic producers and our world while making the special sewing quality more accessible for you.

We hope you will share this dream and enjoy being a part of the 3x2 atmosphere and transformation .

Welcome back!

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