Who We Are?

Instead of a corporate “About us” page, we just wanted to introduce you the answers that you’re looking for and prepared this page accordingly. So here are the questions and their answers, that we tought you may be wondering about us :)

What is 3x2?

“3x2” term refers to capsules, that consist of 3 styles in 2 different color choices, or 2 styles in 3 color options. Each pack that we put up for sale is planned as a capsule, and we make sure that it includes 6 pieces that can be perfectly combined with each other 😊 With these capsules we publish frequently, we aim to catch up with the latest trends by providing you timeless yet trendy pieces.


What is a capsule and a capsule wardrobe?

We got inspired by the “capsule wardrobe” movement and decided to offer a new capsule in every three weeks. Capsule wardrobe term was first defined by Susie Faux, who owns the “Wardrobe” stores based in London and it is mainly based on the minimalism idea. It describes a clothing collection or wardrobe, consisting of timeless pieces combined with trendy details. (source: Wikipedia) For other details about capsule wardrobe you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsule_wardrobe and other sources on the related page.


Who are we?

We are two mates who always had in mind to stay very close to the fashion industry and some day end up offering something new into the industry.

I, Funda Gülen, am a graduate of Istanbul Erkek High School (2009) and Istanbul Technical University (2013). I come from a family that has been in textiles industry for long years. I started working at  LC Waikiki, biggest textiles retail company in Turkey, right after having my licence degree. 4 years of corporate experience there in “international allocation” and “business analytics” departments, was followed by resigning with the desire of following my own dreams. Meanwhile I am still participating to my masters degree in Istanbul Technical University and MBA program in Koc University. And finally now I am mostly responsible of the sales, marketing and technical details of 3x2.

Likewise, Gizem (Gizem Cumalıoğlu) is also a graduate of Istanbul Erkek High School (2009) and Istanbul Technical University (2013) and yes we have been class mates right from the beginning 😊 Gizem has always had a great passion for fashion since her early ages. After her part-time participation in Istanbul Fashion Week during the university times and her internship in Beymen, top retail company in Turkey for luxury brands, it was now clear that one day she was going to take place in fashion industry in some way. For 4 years she had worked in a company, first in supply chain and then in digital marketing departments. During these years, first she finished the “Fashion Management” program in Vakko ESMOD Fashion Academy, the most reputed fashion academy in Turkey, and then also attended to “Fashion Business” course in New York Parsons School of Design for 6 months. After coming back to Turkey, she worked for a luxury leatherwear company at digital marketing for a few months, and then decided that it was time to start her own business and quitted. Now she oversees everything about the products and most importantly, the financial issues of the brand.