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All Details About Capsule Wardrobe

In our previous article, we talked about what you need to know and the initial stages to prepare a capsule wardrobe. Now we will talk about the process of preparing a capsule wardrobe step by step.FIRST STEP: EMPTY ALL YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR CABINET AND DRAWERS! :) - Sort your clothes into groups:         + your loved ones         + “Maybe”s         + "No!"s. (You can sell this group on 2nd hand sites or donate to charities.)        + Those in need of repair (broken buttons, ripped seams, size or height corrections)        + Clothes for special occasions        + Seasonal/trend clothing        + Sportswear- Sort what...

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All You Need to Know When Preparing Capsule Wardrobe

Most mornings, we are intimidated when we open the closet to get dressed. Even before we start the day, we spend all our energy trying to decide what to wear. Or maybe we think we have nothing to wear and start the day morally behind 1-0.The solution to this problem is actually hidden in the previous article: capsule wardrobe :) Capsule wardrobe is one of the most efficient ways to manage both our time and expenditures correctly in our lives that we have difficulty in finding time for ourselves.Well, how to prepare a capsule wardrobe?Capsule wardrobe, especially in four-season countries like ours, is usually prepared seasonally and renewed at the change of seasons. For seasons of 3 months, capsules of...

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