Multiplying 3 by 2

We have for many years fashion industry to take a place on the edge of the city and to this sector. when the ant turns black We are two friends who are determined to contribute. When I was still in high school,photo framesThe idea of being in a corner had turned into big paintings during his university years.

I'm Funda Gulen; I graduated from Istanbul Erkek High School and ITU Industrial Engineering. After working for a leading textile company in Turkey for about 4 years, I resigned and I am currently pursuing my MBA in Engineering Management and Koç University.

If the mystery, (Gizem Cumalıoğlu) similarly graduated from Istanbul Erkek High School and Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering. Yes, we are classmates from high school and college. He entered the fashion industry with internships and part-time jobs while he was at university. After doing his job for a while, he packed his suitcase and studied Fashion Business at Parsons School of Design in New York. Then he returned to Turkey, worked in the field of digital marketing for a while and then resign.a.

After the university, somehow the paths did not cross, that's what happened, some hustle and bustle, the photo frames reappeared. At a point where we both made up time and plans, first I quit to build my own ship, and a few months later Gizem became a partner in the helm.

Of course, everything didn't start with a hop, two engineers and two analytical people We did a lot of research. We pondered for a long time, considering our experience from the industry, business models, marketing processes, advantages and disadvantages of fashion and textile fields, our pluses and minuses. In this process,subscription modelshold bydropshipping From Instagram marketing to buy and sell models calledholistic digital marketing processesWe have read, discussed and researched almost every subject. We took a look at different companies, different people, who is doing what in the world, we prepared business canvases for different models :) Finally,We decided on 3x2 as a business model.

3x2; three models represent capsules consisting of two combinations. We treat each package we put up for sale as a capsule, we take care to include 6 pieces that complement each other / can be combined with each other :)

Capsule We seem to hear what you say. Yes, you actually know.z capsule can be considered as We call our 6-piece mini-collections capsules, and while we're doing this, we're actually very impressed with the capsule wardrobe approach :)

Our aim is that the capsules Published every 3 weeks and our customers the most up-to-date“filtering through 3x2 eyesk , catch the trend with short-term cycles at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.mak... We are assertive about presenting timeless pieces that keep up with the times :) Fashion must-haves we are aware of what quality to compromise we want nor raising prices .

In the medium and long term, our main goal is to make women feel more stylish when they wear them, and more confident and stronger as we think they come with this elegance. Our vision is to add value to the women of this country as the women of this country. and we started to build our own ship.

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Merhabalar Belgin Hanım,

Aslında Belgin Hocam demek daha doğru sanırım sizin de müsaadenizle.. Bloga bıraktığınız yorum bizi çok memnun etti, uzun yıllar bizler gibi bir sürü öğrenci yetiştirmiş bir öğretmenimizden bunları duymak bizi çok sevindirdi, bir mail atarak teşekkür etmek istedik…


Funda & Gizem

Zorlu ama bir o kadarda zevkli yolculuğunuz hayırlı ve uğurlu olsun genç mühendislerimiz. Girişimci ve yaratici fikirlerinizin takipçisi olmak zevk verecek bizlere.33 yıllık kimya öğretmeniyim her gün okula giderken önce kendine sonrasında mesleğime saygımdan renk uyumu ve kombinli giyim tarzina özen gösteriyorum aslında kapsül tarzim.Bundan dolayı yanınızdayım sizi de yanimizda hissetmek süper bir duygu. Yolunuz Hep Açık olsun SEVGİLERİMLE


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